What Training is Needed to Become a Certified Air Duct Cleaner in Florida?

Are you looking to start an air duct cleaning business in Florida? If so, you must meet the requirements set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This includes having certified air system cleaning specialists (ASCS) on staff who have passed the NADCA certification exam. This exam tests knowledge in the methodologies for designing and cleaning air conditioning systems.HVAC technicians are well-suited to start an air duct cleaning business as they already possess the technical knowledge needed. Cleaning systems in commercial buildings takes longer, so owners of air duct cleaning companies can charge more for their services.

Before beginning, it is important to contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to meet the HVAC class A requirements and pass both the Florida Business and Finance exam and the Florida HVAC Class A exam. A typical air duct cleaning takes about three hours, so business owners typically do two cleanings a day. Air duct cleaning companies usually clean people's residential air conditioning systems, but companies are their ideal customers. The air duct cleaning industry can be competitive, especially if large HVAC companies offer discounts on cleanings and inspections. At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we understand that getting certified as an air duct cleaner in Florida can be a daunting task. That's why we are here to answer your questions about training and certification.

With the right training and certification, you can start your own air duct cleaning business in Florida and make money by charging customers to clean their air conditioning systems.